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Ugly shoes


Ugly sneakers. In other words: the sneakers I’d never paid attention to.

That’s just the way the fashion world is. We might not like a certain trend. At all. But, then, all of the sudden, the bombing begins. Ads. Influencers. Models. Magazines. Websites. Inadvertently, one day, we surrender. And we buy that accessory or clothing ítem that would otherwise have gone absolutely unnoticed .

And that’s the story behind the “ugly shoes”. It all started with the sandals, I didn´t like them, but finally fell, they’re so comfortable. Now it’s the turn for the “ugly sneakers”, expected development of the “one-sneaker-for-every-look” trend.

I am not totally decided yet ( more bombing needed ). Only time will tell ( I don´t know…. Waiting list for the Balenciaga ones…).

For those of us not on that list, I have found a few other options. Just in case you’re interested. Here they are.
Feedback welcome.






















Vas zapatos






  Zara   Mango


  Photos:   Style du monde

  Home Photo: Mytheresa

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