About me

I love it.

foto-perfil2I’m passionate about the fashion world.

Some years ago, I started my formal education at Personal Shopper School, Madrid.

I continued learning, looking for new tendencies, and studying up on what the great designers keep on offering every new season.

I steep myself on fashion blogs from celebrities, fashion journalists, coolhunters…but I’ve realized that very few of them tell us where to find what we see on the catwalk or on the streets of the main fashion cities of the world without leaving a broke bank account behind after some minor purchases.

I enjoy watching how the big fashion bloggers and influencers dress up every day. But I really miss low cost brands doing the same thing more often. That’s the big goal: being capable of dressing cool on the last tendency without being a top model; or to have the possibility to shine on a low cost piece + top designer piece look.

So, encouraged by family and friends, I start my new adventure, right now. Will you walk the road with me?

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