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Biker Jacket




The biker has become a must. It brings a perfect solution to resolve many looks.

This special jacket was born in the Lower East Side, N.Y., in 1928. There, the Shott’s brothers workshop was tasked by a motorcyclist to design a jacket able protect him from rainy and cold weather.

Innovation included in the design: for the first time, a zipper was added to a leather garment.

Marlon Brando elevated the biker in “The wild one”, and James Dean added a rebel touch; John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, in “Grease”, the rocker one, and from there to world-wide fame.

Since then, the biker has been able to warm up any look, from casual to chic. In fact, you can wear it with shirts, jeans, and trainers; with dresses, skirts… even with evening dresses and high heels.

Countless versions of the biker can be found year after year, and for all pocket sizes. And, to show something, here you have a few.


































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